big foot VISION

By Christelle Calderon De Stefano, Founder:

If you are reading this is because I would like to share an exciting and beautiful experience with you. The experience of shaping lives, helping people and creating powerful, elegant and innovative architecture.

Since I was a little girl I have dreamed of creating architecture that is so meaningful to people that not only can make the life of its inhabitants better, but can be as powerful as to leave footprints that represent the people and technology of its time. I believe in architecture that, even after its original inhabitants are far gone, can invoke its inhabitants lives, their memories, their dreams, and in this way keep the human kind alive. I believe in architecture that leave footprints, architecture that looks into the future, that creates a strong impact in our present and becomes part of history teaching our descendants about us.

And now the question is, what footprint would you like to leave? What urban problems do you think are important? And what is the technology that you think can solve them? If you have any answers to these questions, tell us! Participate in Big Foot and help us shape the footprints of our time.