Program: Exterior Chair                  Project Location: The Assemblage 17 John, New York, NY

Concept: A chair that wraps you in nature, a throne to enjoy the sun, the trees, the fresh air... A seat to enjoy life

Imagine that the cities public entities do not have to worry any more about their public chairs being stolen, and can still offer movable seating that the citizens can use to congregate and hang out in public spaces. Wouldn't that be nice? Yes, and this is possible with the Egg Chair!

The Egg Chair is an outdoors public chair designed in a way so as not to be stolen but still be movable. The Egg Chair is made of a heavy material so that it cannot be lifted, but also be made of a round shape that makes it easy to roll. The Egg Chair is designed with a shape that does not hurt the grass when rolled or when it is in its stable position supporting the person's weight, so it's ideal to be used in parks and green spaces of open plazas.



THE floating restaurant

Program: Luxury restaurant                Project Location: TBD

Imagine you are 300 feet high, having one of the finest dinners in a cosmopolitan skyscraper city. You can see the expansive skyline in front of you, the sparkling water of the river underneath and the dense foliage of the forest to your sides. The floors, the walls and the ceiling of this unique retreat are made of glass, and it feels as if you were dining amongst the clouds…

The Floating Restaurant is envisioned as a space that drapes between two skyscrapers and provides an unpredictable new dining experience. It is a restaurant that makes your blood rush from the excitement of floating up high. This exhilaration fills one’s heart with the incredible views of the city from an uncommon perspective and the exclusivity of creating a platform to attract the finest chefs and restaurateurs in the world.