business strategy

GOAL: To develop architectural ideas that create a positive impact in the urban environment.

CLIENTS: Investors that would like to get a return while creating an impact in architecture.

PARTNERS: Big Foot partners with professionals from all fields needed for the development of each specific project


  • Step 1: Big Foot studies the feasibility, viability and desirability of an idea
  • Step 2: Big Foot puts together a team of professionals that can further develop this idea. This team may involve architects, engineers, scientists, building contractors, finance specialists etc.
  • Step 3: Big Foot's team develops this idea into a feasible and viable project. The scope and size of the project are determined and a business plan and timeline are created. 
  • Step 4: Big Foot collects funds for the project. Funding may come from a diverse sources that can range from one single private investor to a thousand of investors gathered through crowdfunding real estate platforms.
  • Step 5: Big Foot manages and supervises the development of the project until it is complete.
  • Step 6: Big Foot has left a positive footprint and is ready to move on to the next idea!